Welcome to 

Hyve Unit No. B-02-02

Kindly follow the instructions below to check-in to our unit at Hyve Cyberjaya. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



请按照以下说明办理登机手续,以便在Hyve Cyber​​jaya办理登机手续。如果您有任何疑问,请随时与我们联系

Check-In (报到)

Register your ID/Passport at the guard house. Go in and park at visitor car park located left from the entrance. The guard will show you to a convenient store named ‘Quick Grab’. Kindly collect your key & access card from the cashier at Quick Grab by registering with your ID/IC/Passport and unit number (B-02-02). You can straight away go to your unit or you need to drive down the slop if you have vehicle with you.

在警卫室注册您的身份证/护照。进入并停在入口左侧的访客停车场。警卫会带你去一家名为’Quick Grab’的便利商店。请通过注册您的身份证/ IC /护照和单位号码 (B-02-02),从Quick Grab的收银台领取您的钥匙和门禁卡。您可以直接前往您的单位,或者如果您有车辆,则需要沿着斜坡行驶到P5的停车场。

Car Park P5-F12/119

 You may enter from P4 and then proceed to P5 of our parking lot. The designated parking lot is P5-F12/119. 

停车场P5-F12 / 119

 您可以从P4进入,然后前往我们P5的停车场。指定停车位是P5-F12 / 119。

If you are staying more than 2 days and there are a lot of rubbish, kindly pack and throw them away at the designated rubbish bin.


Swimming Pool (游泳池)
Playground (操场)
Gym (健身房)
Simple Business Area (商业领域)