Shaftsbury Square

The unit is just 300m away from Shaftsbury Square that have F&B of Aroi Thai boat noodles, Chubbies Cafe, Kiraku Japanese Restaurant, Kung Fu Restaurant, Monjo Cafe, Otakuya Bento, Pizza Hut, Restaurant anggrek Kuring (Indonesia Cuisine), My Comfort food court, Starbucks, Tappers, Subway, etc. Redtick, 99speedmart and 7eleven is also located here.

该单位距离Shaftsbury广场仅300米,那里有Aroi Thai Boat Noodles,chubbies咖啡厅,kiraku日本餐厅,功夫餐厅,monjo咖啡厅,otakuya bento,披萨小屋,餐厅anggrek Kuring(印度尼西亚菜),My Comfort美食广场,星巴克,tappers,Subway等. R​​edtick,99speedmart和7eleven也在这里。

D’Pulze Shopping Mall

There is a D’Pulze Shopping Mall which is about 6 minutes Grab away from Hyve with variety of restaurants, TGV cinema, neighbourhood fresh grocer and boutiques.

该单位距离D‘Pulze 购物广场只需大约6分钟车程。D’ Pulze拥有各式各样的餐厅,TGV电影院,Jaya Grocer和精品店。